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Employee Attitude Survey

employee_attitudeThe principal objective of the Employee Attitude Survey is to develop statistically valid baseline data on the morale, expectations and concerns of a hospital’s employees. The analysis of the database will identify the key aspects of an employee’s experience which are the best predictors of overall job satisfaction resulting in commitment to the hospital and willingness to recommend it to others as an employer of choice.

In essence, the project is designed to pinpoint specific positive elements which build employee commitment and to specifically identify negative elements which correlate with unhappiness or unwillingness to recommend the hospital as an employer. Efforts by hospital management to encourage positive elements and change negative ones can help employees’ actual experiences meet their expectations to maximize productivity, quality of service delivery and reputation and to minimize turnover and absenteeism.

The Employee Attitude Survey can be conducted as a written, mail-in questionnaire, as a personal telephone interview or as a confidential online survey over any internet-connected computer.

And with ArborOnLine, you can drill-down into the survey results for any question, pull up associated employee comments and even find out which hospital is the benchmark along with their contact information.

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