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Patient Satisfaction Survey

patient_expectation1The overall purpose of Arbor’s Patient Expectation Project is to measure how closely people’s experiences as patients met their expectations as customers.

The Patient Expectation Project will show how each department’s patients answered each question with maximum statistical accuracy. This quantitative presentation will also include comparative benchmarking information with the same department at other hospitals.

In addition to statistically valid reporting, at the hospital-wide and service-specific levels, the Patient Expectation Project will also provide the actual comments, explanations or examples given by patients in response to open-ended follow-up questions throughout the survey. These verbatim messages directly from the patients leave no about what patients expect in order to be satisfied and how best to meet or exceed these expectations.

patient_expectation2And with ArborOnLine, you can drill-down into the survey results for any question, pull up associated patient comments and even find out which hospital is the benchmark along with their contact information- all in near-real time.

The key to success: Nursing unit or department level reporting of accurate survey results and supporting patient comments – with statistically significant sample sizes – is only possible because the patient expectation project is conducted as a personal telephone interview with the patient themselves.

HCAHPS Integration: Arbor has been cooperating with CMS in the development of the “Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems” (HCAHPS) survey and is fully capable of conducting its dry run and national implementation.

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